Can we use the word stupid now – Part II The Campaign

Way back sometime in the 50s someone circulated the Bill of Rights with no identifying element and the response, in Florida, was that it must be a Communist document, perhaps the manifesto itself!!!
Anyone who knows the facts on this, please write it to my blog.
However, it is downright amazing that we have major nay, leading contenders in the battle to be POTUS who seem to have similar familiarity with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Carson wants to ban Muslims from being president why not Seventh Day Adventists along with them? Why not LDS? Why not Jews. Why not Catholics? Why not Christians? Just ban ‘em.
And Trump wants to bar Muslims from entering the country as well as set up surveillance of their places of worship in this country.
Now, here’s the funny part….. the only one: the people who support both of these nincompoops are the ones who accuse Obama of not following the Constitution.
OK, all you defenders of the Conservative brain how is that not just flat STUPID?

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