Please excuse the mess!

Until very recently, Pat’s Polemics was running on very old software.  It was good when it started, but no one ever maintained it and finally this month it collapsed.  I have managed to save the former content and I will try to salvage the comments.

Unfortunately, the old software was not Unicode-friendly and the transfer process made it worse.  That is why you will see (until we clean it up) garbage characters for anything non-ASCII, i.e., anything that you can’t find on a sixty-year-old non-electric English typewriter.

This problem should not occur in new material.  As proof:

  • My wife’s grandmother Wiktorya Słomiana came from Żołynia.
  • Бабушка моей жены-Виктория Słomiana-пришли из Żołynia.
  • 我妻子的祖母Wiktoria Słomiana-来自Żołynia

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