Personal note Feb. 2016

Recently two things happened to set back my blogging. We switched providers and that blew up everything except my e-mail. And my blog quit working. On top of that my son went into the hospital Tuesday the 2nd and underwent two surgeries. Very serious stuff and we hope he’ll be discharged in a couple of days since he’s recovering rapidly.
Wes Groleau, my blog guru, has set me up with WordPress and here is the url:

Now for some reason, this url is not highlighted in this message but it’s short enough, you can put it in your browser. When you get to the blog site, you may see the old yellow banner or the newer one, I think I’m picking coffee beans. More on coffee anon.
I did get two comments on this new set up, so it’s apparently working. Wes tells me all my old posts, with their categories, will be there, plus comments made on them. The categories are important b/c I blog on a number of disparate topics and I want someone to be able to click on a couple of categories that interest them and see everything on that topic.
Recently, the last 6 months, I’ve taken off on a discussion that started on moretprs re the connection of poverty to education and the links between poverty and race. I have had so much stimulus from the other 4 (5) people on the thread that I have decided to hold off for a couple of months on responses to specific items (as much as I can) and do it all at once in one fell swoop. Oh, did I mention my printer went out, too, so we had to buy a new one, so that slowed down certain processes I utilize in responding to posts and entering items in my blog. But this little group (I put one in parentheses b/c his name suddenly appeared when you hit “reply all” and I have no idea where he came from; I kept putting a tag on my posts referring to him, but he’s never responded). One other member just got too busy to read my drivel and backed off, but maybe he’ll rejoin us. I hope so. This series of exchanges I’ve labeled “grouplet” has led me to compose what I call my magnum opus quartum b/c I already wrote 3 other magna opera I thought would end the exchange, one way or the other. I will put this opus in my blog as well as sharing it with the grouplet and I encourage responses.
I transport my grandson every night except one, maybe two, each week, so I get some reading done at Starbucks, and a new site is close to Changing Hands Book Store, a very successful independent that started out decades ago in Tempe, a university town, as a hippy-dippy establishment, the best kind. Lots of peace signs and the clerks wore tie-dye.
I’ll discuss my reading, my language study which I dub The Circuit, which has really taken off, and my other activities. Some will be under ‘personal’, others under ‘personal language study’ or under the topic I’m reading on like ‘culture’, ‘history’, ‘politics’, etc. And I am going to start adding in excerpts from many books I’ve read over the years on language learning.
Hoping to meet you on the blog.

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