Talk about a matter of perspective!

Two electricians came out the other day, both immigrants, one from Mexico City and the other from Romania. We chatted a bit about the way things are going aka what is Trump’s latest outrage and the Romanian, an older man, pulled me aside and told me how Romania now is a mess, everyone has to leave b/c there are no jobs, the infrastructure has collapsed. Under the Communist dictator Ceaucescu few could rise high but everyone had employment, an apartment, food, etc. He had to emigrate here to survive though he loves his country. The people who shot Ceaucescu now visit his grave with flowers and cry.

What a powerful highlight of the tug and pull of security versus freedom!

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  1. Wes Groleau says:

    I’ll be getting some perspective on that in July. A day in Bucharest, then almost a month here:

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