How the myth of motivation re fl acquisition arises

This is a perfect example of interior accessing: how I access my feeling of acquisition – knowing some feature of grammar, vocabulary, syntax, or pronunciation is acquired simply by the way it feels inside as opposed to features I access via my monitor – and I am a very active and quick monitor user. I think many students adjudged go …………. OK, right there. I wrote ajudged and it was underlined, so I checked google and it’s adjudged, and then I checked my pronunciation and realized a pronounce it “ajudged”. That’s a perfectly good use of the monitor…………. adjudged “good” by fl teachers are heavy monitor users. Who is a heavy monitor user? The highly motivated/obsessive student (guess which one I am). So the myth goes out that only highly motivated students can learn a language when in fact they are heavy and fast monitor users, not necessarily acquirers.

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