A novel facet of Mr. Trump

Michael Gerson, a conservative evangelical speech writer for Republicans and columnist for the Washington Post wrote the following:

“But the durability of Trump’s appeal creates a conundrum for many Republicans. For decades, some of us have argued that the liberal stereotype of Republicans as extreme, dim and intolerant is inaccurate and unfair. But here is a candidate for president who fully embodies the liberal stereotype of Republicans — who thinks this is the way a conservative should sound — and has found support from a committed plurality of the party. ”

IOW, conservatives and Republicans are not the jerk wads we liberals make them out to be, they are fully-formed human beings who have opinions and world views different from liberals’, but Trump, faking conservatism, uses those liberal stereotypes to pretend he is a conservative. In the process, he is confirming the worst stereotypes about Republicans and conservatives we liberals have. Funny.

And this would account for the fact that other than a few wing nuts, most Trump supporters interviewed by journalists are not rabidly anti-immigrant or full of hate for anybody. They regard his persona as a shtick and what they really like is that he is not a politician. Sadly, they fail to realize that people making decisions that affect their lives are by definition politicians, even when unelected, like the Koch Brothers and their peers. We didn’t elect Bill Gates but he has overturned the pubic education system, the schools most Trump supporters’ kids attend.

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