Turn books in, check books out, then go to the Reading Ladder

I have several books checked out of the ASU library and am finishing the last two; I should be done no later than Friday and probably before that. Once I turn those in, I’ll check out of the local public libraries several books I have lined up: two highly recommended novels: The Last Samurai and Infinite Gest; two books on politics: E.J. Dionne’s Where the Right Went Wrong and Ian Haney Lopez’ Dog Whistle Politics; and one on music, Escaping the Delta, and one on history, The Spanish Holocaust. I also need to finish about four books borrowed from my friends, Loy and Brian.

THEN I go to my Reading Ladder. Lots of topics, lots of books. Very exciting is my Circuit where I read every day or so a book in a language. Right now I am going to read some Urdu as a treat.

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