Bumping it up

A couple of weeks ago I was working my way through my program for arms under some time constraints. After the first two exercises, I figured the third should be my last, but then I realized I did not have time to do four sets of six and decided to do just one set but as many as I could. I did 24!
How was it I was doing 6 reps and figuring that stressed me enough when I could do 24 straight through? I figured I had better recalibrate. So I went through each muscle group (arms, chest, upper back, shoulders, lats) and did as many reps as I could and three sets of those. I ranged between 12 and 16 over, often at increased weight. Then I went through at one set but loaded up to the point where six reps was a real struggle.
So now when I go in next, Sunday or Monday (this is Saturday), I will start with arms and push through those four sets at six reps, and if I fail, I will rest and push through to six.
Once I am comfortable with that weight, I’ll go back to the regular program of increasing by one rep, up to eight reps, then add weight and go back down to six reps, ad infinitum. I like this program and will stay with it a while.

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