Real communication with real people

Terry wrote (speaking to Lance): “You fear an obsession with reps. I fear TPRS moving from being an effective, simple method that focuses on the kids to increasing emphasis on “real” communication (as though collaborative storytelling and the diverse content it holds is not), “serious” content, CI to teach content, and so forth. Kids have so little joy in school already. Let’s not take away the one class they likely do not have to use technology, actually talk to other human beings, and can just laugh a little in a good way.”
The concerns of everyone in this thread are what prompted Brian Barabe and me to write up the Holy Commandments of tprs and is what I label “drift”. Another word might be dilution (a bad thing) as more and more people join (a good thing).
I cannot count the number of parents who told me the only reason their kid went to school was b/c of my class – and I did not do anything nearly as spectacular as the people on this listserv. I just engaged (not nearly enough in L2).

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