MO – not ready for prime time

Here and there on the blog I have referred to an exchange among five of us from the moretprs listserv. The exchange on education and poverty began on the listserv but was taken off due to popular demand. So the five of us went on for about 8 months and I kept promising to summarize it all In what I call the Magnum Opus. – thus MO. That is about to go out and I intended to put it on the blog in segments but I panicked this morning when for the second time I lost one of the documents somewhere in the ether of Word. Just as I was writing this, I went to what in Start is labeled Pat and says “open personal folder”. I did and went to My Documents and found the missing document there. I have no idea why it does not show up in Documents.
BUT, because of the possibility I might have had to retype that segment into the documents, I immediately captured all the segments and have put them onto the blog unedited. So if you can wait – with bated breath I am sure – another day or so, I’ll have them cleaned up and add on another couple of pages – I know, you can’t wait.

5/7/16 I deleted the earlier entries and am now replacing them with the final versions of each segment. There are 16 segments.

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