We came back to THIS??

Last night we returned from a nine day vacation during which we watched the news only one night, Wednesday, I believe. The two shootings in Minneapolis and Baton Rouge were unknown to us, so when we woke up early Friday morning, today, to the news about Dallas where many of my wife’s relatives live, we did not know the background.
I make notes to myself in order to preserve my great thoughts and I had wondered at the paucity of shootings of unarmed Black people by the police. So here it was.
A friend came up a while back with a plan to get stringent gun laws much simpler than my 3 pronged approach, e.g. in the state of Texas, have every Black person buy a gun, preferably at the same time. Just take a week for every Black person of age and capacity to go to a gun store or gun show and purchase a gun, any gun.
The state legislature would pass restrictive laws on firearms faster than you could cover them all.

BTW, one young man, a brother of one of the BLM organizers, was carrying an AK-47. Why didn’t he go after the gunman? He was asked and just said, “It was chaotic.” Exactly. That’s why trained police officers have the guns and not every Tom, Dick and Harry.

N.B. this is categorized under Basics b/c all high status groups fear retaliation from below. It’s basic.


  1. Wes Groleau says:

    The way I heard it¹ is that he realized anyone in the area with a gun and not in uniform was likely to be shot and so he got away quickly.

    ¹Not saying I believe it any more than I believe anything else in the media.

    1. Pat Barrett says:

      I would love to hear from you on your total rejection of reports in the media. It raises so many questions as to how we can possibly operate in a society when we reject the newspapers, radio, TV, magazines, even books. Did you find the media in other countries to be reliable?
      What worries me is when people say they reject the media except for…. and then name some news source that has a clear agenda, it’s just one they agree with and so it must be reliable. The media has plenty of faults, but I have never been a Leftie that says IT’S ALL LIES!!! etc. OTOH, I’m writing in my Basics and other categories a complete world view you can take with you for a mere $19.99.

      1. Pat Barrett says:

        Here is what I wonder about with your opinion. I was just watching Craig Melvin at the convention asking a Trump spokesperson, Pierson, how they were dealing with the FACT that Melania Trump’s speech was a copy of a Michelle Obama speech. Her response was, “No, it wasn’t.” Melvin pursued it and THAT is why conservatives hate the media – they insist on FACTS. The speech was plagiarized – now what? Oh, no it wasn’t. Well, sorry, but it was, so now how are you going to deal with that? You don’t love America, do you?

  2. Wes Groleau says:

    To go back to the fellow with the AK-47: we have two different stories about him. At least one of them is wrong. And I don’t know which. Media isn’t “all lies” but there is enough deception for me to mistrust them.

    1. Pat Barrett says:

      Well, this is getting to be a referendum on the media. This is a similar path to the Magnum Opus where James goes to news sources and think tanks that have a right-wing agenda. He says mine have a slant as well. Here is my solution to the dilemma: find me an authoritative institution (media outlet, blog, institute, university, whatever) that is biased on the right. I would enjoy reading that (and do), but will not entertain outlets that tell us outright lies like illegals are pouring over the AZ border, crime is at an all-time high, and immigrants are responsible for a good deal of it. That is not slanting, it is outright lying. And if you are a Christian, you must believe liars go to hell. What about perverts who harass their employees?
      So let’s look for reliable outlets for information, no matter their slant (and they all have them). I would nominate on the Right the Manhattan Institute.

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