A blast

Did you ever want to just blast out? The stuff we all see and deal with can put you on edge. I saw a Hillary bumper sticker and thought about the reactions we get to ours. The driver was a woman and the living-in-the-bubble conservatives will say she is voting for Hillary b/c she is a woman just as they see my wife, who is Black, and will say she’s voting for her b/c she’ll give her free stuff (I married my wife 52 years ago and am still waiting for my Negro check).
They have it all sewn up, with Bill O’Reilly & Co. providing them with all the answers as long as they don’t know any facts to counter them. Let’s face it, the two groups of conservatives/Republicans (the same now) will never consider voting for anyone other than someone promising to take America back to the 50s.
The Libertarian/business folks want zero taxes and no regulations, just like they imagine it was in the 50s – and of course taxes were higher then and regulations came out of the New Deal and these people will not be happy until the New Deal is reversed. The religious moral majority types are angry b/c they are in the minority and no one listens to their rants. They won’t be happy until Christianity is the official religion of the country with religious tests for public office holders and women are subjugated to the wishes of the men of the family. Hey, maybe they could team up with the Taliban and create the perfect society…. in Afghanistan, and leave us alone.
Now I feel better.

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