To the Barricades!

This reminds me of conversations with my friend, a Bernie supporter who “just doesn’t like Hillary”. Chiara put it well, as did Bill Maher: we are not voting for the Prom King and Queen, we are voting for a tough, knowledgeable leader who can deal on both domestic and foreign affairs. Who doesn’t love Bernie? I was for Hillary precisely because she knows very well the financial elite and can make inroads. So many of these posts sound like the financial elite are an alien species; and here I don’t mean just the 1% but all those people who make substantial amounts of money and are tied to the financial system as it is: they exist, they vote, and they donate money as well as energy to get people they think will benefit them elected. We need to stop the demonizing and work to enlighten those souls that their fortunes, literally, are tied to ours. These are not the ignorant people who truly believe Trump can save them; they are the highly competent people who live in gated communities, send their kids to private schools, and worry a lot about their money. To talk about them as if they are alien to our polity is defeating and, frankly, immature. If you want to be on the barricades, go to another country where the wealthy simply unleash goon squads and assassination teams against anyone they fear.

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