Backdoor investigation

One route to finding reality is the direct approach. For instance, do energy company executives bring women in to their conventions for the sexual entertainment of the executives. A direct question to the CEO of such a company will get a resounding NO! …. our top management team consists of dedicated Christians. End of story……
But not quite. There do exist a very few female energy company executives. In an interview with one, she was talking about differences in treatment and one humorous aside was that when they go to the islands for conventions and the women are trotted out for the guys, there are no Chippendale Dancer types for the few ladies. Ha ha ha.
But you do have to wonder how the wives of these executives feel about that. Clearly the female high-level manager wasn’t telling tales out of school and simply slipped that comment in the back door, perhaps without realizing she was letting the cat out of the bag. So the wives maybe decided a long time ago that they were willing to put up with that as long as they got the benefits of outsized executive salaries. Or maybe not….

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