Why not, indeed?

You get in the express line (15 items or less) at the grocery store behind an elderly person who clearly has a lot more than 15 items. The clerk is dutifully checking her through. When you get up there and chuckle as she pushes her loaded cart out the door, the clerk says that when she gets behind someone who has a larger load than 15, she raises hell about it. OK, so we can laugh at these foibles. But when people do similar things in politics and we laugh at them, we are accused of being condescending. Well, yes! We are condescending. That’s my point. How can we not be?
One solution is to let the chips fall where they may. The citizens of Kansas have turned the state and its economy over to rapid right wingers and the state is failing. So why should we not point to California, under total Democratic control, as a great success? Why can’t we chuckle condescendingly at the woman who exceeds the express line limit herself but complains when others do it?

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