Response to a teacher feeling down

A CI Latin teacher described an annual down period and wondered about switching jobs. He puts out a terrific blog on CI methods, so I wrote this:
I used to show my students a video on paradigm shifts. I hoped it helped them generally but intended it as a way for them to understand that we were involved in a paradigm shift away from filling in verb endings and declensional endings in the “pin the ending on the verb” mindless activities that were what “learning” a foreign language was all about toward using the language as a medium of meaningful communication. Speaking Latin was even more outside the box, absolutely shocking my colleagues at a Catholic school who had all taken Latin and seen it as drudgery or penance. The fact my students enjoyed the class and were enthusiastic about Lain was always a source of bewilderment for them.
But many days I was assailed by doubt. This video talked about “paradigm pioneers” and how they had to be a person able to ignore the voices telling them they were way off track and needed to get back on. I still read so much of this in SLA. I don’t read much in journals devoted to the teaching of Latin anymore, but I can imagine that battle is still going on there. There is just something in us that makes us bullheaded and pushes us on through sullen students, clueless administrators, skeptical parents, and snooty colleagues. Just think what you are offering in this blog, not just to your students but to your colleagues breaking the paradigm.

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