False equivalency

How much do Republicans believe in democracy? Pres. Obama won two elections by good margins, yet Republicans not only refused to work with him in any way but denied his legitimacy. So our votes did not matter. They did not matter in 2000, yet we accepted Bush as our president. When you cite the outrage over a morally bankrupt person getting elected as equivalent to the Republicans’ outrage that a Black man got into the White House, you are introducing the same false equivalency that haunts our media. Stop and think, Ms. Emba, Steve Bannon is the president’s chief strategist. Where do you fit in in his “strategy”? This is personal. The divide is between those who think you belong here and those who think you do not. You cannot discuss with people who have faith that a god is on their side and you are an infidel. Whether it is Natural Law or a fervent faith, there is no way to penetrate. One Trump supporter claimed Democrats are always trying to talk you out of your ideas. Yeah, it’s called education. I’m old enough to remember when people claimed Blacks could not do jobs requiring cognitive skills, like football quarter back. But conservatives will say that’s just my opinion, despite magazine articles on it you can find in the archives. No, we cannot discuss

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