View from under the bus

Loving, a movie about the interracial couple who challenged the anti-miscegenation law of Virginia and via the Supreme Court had all such laws in the country struck down as unconstitutional, is one I want to see. It is personal since my wife, who is Black, and I, who am White, married in 1964, before the Loving decision. We are very aware that millions of Americans would like to put those laws back in place and American voters threw us under the bus by voting in a man whose right-hand man is a member of the amalgamated groups of Rightists who favor returning the country back to the time when Blacks had no protections. What those fools do not understand is that by depriving others of constitutional protections, they deprive themselves, but no matter, millions of Americans simply think jobs for them is a better plan than maintaining civil rights. They, too, are fools who will rue the day the cast their vote for Trump and Bannon.
They may think they are free b/c Bannon’s renamed “alt-right” is nothing more than the old racist bastards like Jeff Sessions who may not bother you when they go after Blacks and gays, but will hurt you deeply when they go after you favorites nephew’s Hispanic wife. And the Republican Party started on this path in ‘64, the year we were married, and it has led to this, so don’t expect the GOP to uphold the Constitution.
This is deeply personal for me, but, darling, it is for you, too. I hope you enjoy your new Trump job.

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