A New CI Reading Project

Reading English from different periods of the language intrigues me, so I checked out a copy of Samuel Pepys’ diary and found I really like reading diaries (I’ve kept one myself for 10 years now). So I got to thinking that I’d like to read diaries in other languages, the languages of my Circuit, at least. I just got 3 Amazon gift cards for Xmas so I’m going there to see if I can find a diary in those languages. I noticed that Diary of a Wimpy Kid has been translated into a lot of languages, so I might look at ordering some of those. I’d like The Diary of Anne Frank, but the edition in Dutch (Het Achterhuis) costs a fortune on Amazon. So I think I’ll put out a call on the two listservs for interesting diaries in languages people know and see what pops up. I’m hesitant to list my Circuit languages for fear people will think I’m profiling.
Any suggestions readers of my blog have will be welcome.

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