This is rich

Isn’t this rich. Those to the right of center were entirely willing to believe Obama was born in Kenya. Why? Because it would explain how a Black guy got into the White House. After all, the right believes Blacks are unintelligent and lazy and can cite academic stars who support this view of African-Americans. They would not believe there was no conspiracy, no con. Now a real con artist is in the White House and taking the country down. Guess what? That guy is the same one who was selling the idea that Obama was a Kenyan.
Historians will focus on this presidency as the worst disaster to strike America since the Civil War but observers of the scene and public intellectuals will cite it as The Greatest Con Job in the History of the World.
Predictions: first I thought it would be the civil servants who would stonewall Trump; then I thought it would be the federal judges; then I thought it would be massive crowds led by Hispanics and joined by the Women’s Marchers, Black Lives Matter and other civic protesters to shut commerce down in major cities; now I think it is going to be the intelligence services who know that Trump is betraying the country. One of them has to be right. It sure won’t be Congress.

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