New phase of exercising

This week was my last week of gym workouts. Tomorrow I get both knees replaced. Plenty of physical therapy will follow and I intend to get them to give me things to do that will maintain the gains I’ve made. I found measurements from the last 4 years and it is clear I gained one inch in my arms over just the last year with little change before that. Confounding factors are limited to one, that I was doing a concentrated bicep/tricep exerecise just before I started my current one. And I did notice unmeasured gains, but I attribute most of the gains to the new workout my nephew gave me. I hope he can follow up with more after I can get back into the gym. A staff member at the gym signing me up for a suspension of account introduced me to their physical therapist who asked me to check in with her when I return and she’ll help me chart out what I can and cannot do to start with.
The open question is how much stress will the new knees tolerate after a year or so of healing. The experienced nurse at the hospital said I should be able to do anything. That’s heartening b/c I am not fixed on a certain amount of weight, just improvement and maintenance.

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