My wife’s brilliant thought

Why has Jason Chaffetz so abruptly and radically shifted his stance? Not only did he declare he will not run for reelection to the House, he may even leave early. One of the noisier voices in the House, his may fall silent. That is good news for those of us who find his comment that if people would pay their health insurance premium instead of buying an IPhone, they would have health care a perfect reflection of Republican thinking. But why?
My wife thinks the LDS leadership spoke to him. Get out now. Note that Mike Lee also opposed Trump ON MORAL GROUNDS. Mormons don’t play on these matters; they are quite serious about morals, very different from the Evangelicals who get forgiven about every 30 days.
So, where did the LDS leadership get its info? Many decades ago, someone told me that about 50% of FBI, Secret Service, CIA, etc. agents are either Catholic or Mormon; they are a good fit b/c the religions teach a very good/bad, black/white, no grey area view of life. There must be LDS people extremely high and/or extremely deep within the security and intelligence services who would report what they could to the church hierarchy.

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