Why they hate them

I just watched a show on the Smithsonian Museum of African-American culture and as I watched the Obamas rap along with the rappers and Michelle dance in place revealing her deep roots in the culture, I thought about all those snide remarks I’ve heard over the decades about Blacks and the way they behave. Those making the remarks must taste bile when they realize that those Negroes occupied the White House. The hatred toward Blacks and all they do and all they are is still a deep well in our society, as Trump has shown.

But one other thing I wonder if they noticed. The haters tend to cast themselves as very Christian. In fact, that’s what makes them more American than anyone else – their love of Jesus. Did they notice how just about all of those Black celebrities also sang along with the gospel songs and behaved in front of all the world just like they behave in church – hands in the air, eyes closed in reverence, bodies swaying with emotion? Now imagine an audience of White celebrities, performers, musicians, actors, dancers, and so on and imagine that crowd knowing any religious song, being moved by any expression of faith.

How do these people square their bigotry with their faith? Oh, that’s right – they’re forgiven.

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