Some new turns in my reading as I come out of recovery

Things are settling in. Some anticipated but new for now turns have been taken (see today’s Music of the African Diaspora and Personal Language Learning). I pulled off my shelf on a whim a book I purchased years ago and started to read. It is African Polyphony and Polyrhythm by Simha Arom, a doorstop of a book but the marginal notes I made stopped me dead. “I’ve GOT to put these on my blog,” I commanded myself. One note triggered thoughts of writing up a crazy idea I got about a decade ago, and one whose support I have come across several times, including in this book, since it occurred to me.
This selection decided me to pull together my major scheduled activities: my workouts are taken care of under PT now; my chores are ratcheting up as I take into account my level of fatigue, but I am beginning to do some on a routine basis; I need to start my Circuit but I had determined to focus on a couple of my lowest ranked language, Greek, Norwegian, and Kweyol first before plunging into a full assault on all 10 languages (Greek is finished today and I’m starting Norwegian today); the glossary work is blowing up as things are coming together – I started a Every Possible Word in the World notebook where I jot down any interesting word and word usage I run across, giving me a kind of check list of stuff to follow up on so I don’t lose good ideas.
The last major scheduled activity is the Reading Ladder, where I have about 14 categories and one selection in each category that I read a little in each day (more like 7 a day, spending 15 minutes on each – believe it or not, that works for me).
And, I’m finishing my summary remarks from my marginalia on the Greek diglossia book, really good stuff to put in my project and as a write-up on its on in the Grammar and Language Change category.

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