The lexicon falls before me

Finally, the last chapter of my introductory Greek book has fallen to my perseverance. The last 5 chapters overwhelmed me with vocabulary, so I am rereading them today, right now, and then going on to do to Norwegian what I did with Greek, viz. begin reading and read each piece until I don’t have to check meanings, then go back over the readings and write down words I still miss. In this way, I hope to squeeze the language until I’ve expressed all the unknown words out. I have noticed, as I jump into other readings, that indeed the vocabulary I know allows me to read along with some comprehension, making a lot of the new vocabulary comprehensible in context.
Once Norwegian and Kweyol have been given this treatment, I should be able to move on to unprocessed reading b/c the vocabulary should reach about 80%. Kweyol esp will be easy.
Then I can get back to regular rotation in the Circuit.

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