What can they say now?

The entire issue of race, roiling the electorate as it does, really should disappear. It’s been called a dead issue since the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the election of Obama, and so on, but, as does Elizabeth Warren, still it persists. Why? The whole notion of discriminating between Blacks and Whites is supposedly based on the accepted notion that Blacks cannot cut it when it comes to cognitive work. Sure, they can sing and dance and play sports, but how long did it take a Black to be slotted in the quarter back position? Oh, yeah, they are quarter backs now. Why now? Because they got the opportunity.
And for the same reason, you have to look at just tv to see the high levels of cognitive work Blacks are operating at now. Why? Because they got the opportunity. My wife and I were just saying last night that it began in the 90s b/c that was the point where those Blacks who had been given – and I mean given, b/c Whites controlled everything – the opportunity, had reached the pinnacle of their careers and you saw Black CEOs, top military leaders, scientists and medical researchers, engineers and on and on, all those positions that earlier had been ballyhooed by Ebony magazine as “Black firsts”.
So the conservative intellectual, public intellectuals like Charles Murray and William F. Buckley, have had a harder time bolstering their sad ideas about how Blacks just can’t hack it. It is a lot easier for the mass of inert conservatives who gladly swallow the Fox and Limbaugh propaganda that there is a White man whispering in the Black guy’s ear so the networks and corporations and military branches can show off their diversity to the Liberals. But the intellectuals know better.

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