you broke my glasses and stole my lunch money

Trump supporters will go to their graves believing that the entire Russia connection is one giant conspiracy by the Establishment (incl GOP), the intelligence services, and the media to keep Trump from blowing up the establishment and taking us back to the 50s when men were men, etc. I had to laugh, listening to a PBS program on music of the 20s where they went to West Virginia coal country and interviewed the descendants of miners who had recorded music. The sons of those coal miners were very explicit about what their fathers said about working in the mines. Yet I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that they voted for Trump.
Gianforte assaulting the reporter for the Guardian was replete with dog whistles for Trumpsters who recall Trump’s calls to violence. The reporter “whined” that Gianforte broke his glasses, recalling to Trump voters the good old days when they and their buddies would bully kids with glasses at school. To prove my point, one of Gianforte’s supporters limned the scene as the reporter having his lunch money stolen. Trump supporters are deplorable, as Hillary said. No, all of them. When they don’t understand something, which happens a lot, they lash out, hoping to hit on someone weak and defenseless, like a reporter. After all, how dare he question The Great Man.
BTW, it makes me puke, as an Italian-American, every time I see a Republican with an Italian surname. Don’t they know their own histories as immigrants? Fools.

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