TPRS without flames

In response to a query on flteach about teaching sans textbook, our own Christina Bacca responded in this wise:

“Martina’s stuff is some of the best. It does take some time to shift our
expectations to a more proficiency based curriculum. If you can get
training at a TPRS workshop it will help show you what to do instead of
using a text.

Terry Waltz at also has a webinar and her book is
an excellent introduction to teaching this way. I think sometimes our
biggest issue is letting go of explicit grammar.

Explore Martina’s site and Terry’s as a start.”

What was remarkable was the lack of outrage following her posting this. Having been on flteach since 1995 or 6, I can tell you that a couple of decades went by during which a mention of tprs would get you flamed. My, how times have changed.

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