not over it yet

On my tenth day off the pain killer vicodin/oxycodone, I went back to my doctor for relief from withdrawal symptoms. He said my recovery has been phenomenal and I’d just have to go through the withdrawal. He did suggest Tylenol along with the Meloxicam. Last night was no different from previous nights with the note that night before last I did sleep from 10 to 3:30 after doing my PT around 9 p.m. So when I couldn’t stop my twitching, I got up and did them but it did no good. Icing, Tylenol, Meloxicam, exercise, walking, nothing works.
The effect on my mood has been prodigious, a sense of dread hanging over me. One on-line site said to allow 7-10 days for withdrawal, so that gives me hope that at the eleventh day now I might be through it. That thought is bolstered by the fact that I got more fitful sleep last night than I have the last ten nights. (I did get a good night’s sleep one night; I have no idea why). Fortunately, both my studying and reading along with the news have maintained my interest, though I lack the energy to pursue much.
Here’s hoping tonight is the break-point.

Oh, when I told the physician’s ass’t. that many have suggested marijuana but that I’m a pre-60s guy and don’t do dope, he dead-panned, “It’s an option”, cracking up the three young people in the room.

Two weeks to the day, last night, Saturday, I got a full night’s sleep with no restless legs, little aching, and only a bit of tender stomach to remind me of my ordeal. I am assuming it’s over. Yea!

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