Jade Helm 15 and Congolese troops

In 2015, conspiracy theorists took a standard though large military exercise named Jade Helm 15 into their grip and riled up the wing nuts around the country, declaring it was an invasion of Texas and Obama confiscating the guns of White Texans. I recall the news clips of the wing nuts screaming at a military office trying to explain the operation. One third of Republicans believed the nonsense and another third wasn’t sure. Is there any other evidence we need that the Republican Party has become the home of paranoid morons? What else do we call people like that? I was outraged watching those stupid, stupid people scream at that officer. In other countries there would be no information given and no permission requested to use people’s land for military exercises and anyone objecting would be locked up. Here, those idiots could treat the officer in a disgusting way and their governor only supported them. This is where our country is and Kevin Baker is onto something when he suggests that Blue States begin a quiet withdrawal from this Southern, White, Christian lunacy. We have to protect ourselves.
I’d like to ask these people where their guns are now. When they say they still have them, we can then label them stupid, officially. It’s not name-calling, it’s a designation to let others know how to deal with them. Who would imagine 1200 American soldiers willing to confiscate the guns of their fellow citizens and invade Texas, esp when half the White troops have Confederate flags hanging in their barracks?
It took me back to the 50s or 60s, probably the latter, when it was rumored that Congolese troops were gathering in Georgia, our Georgia, to take over parts of the U.S. I guess they were precursors to Obama’s Negro Army. This is what underlies all of this. These White people, going back to the slave holders, knew the atrocities they had committed against Black people and were terrified of retribution. They still are. Especially the stupid ones.

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