I got dizzy yesterday morning when I got up. That seldom happens and it passed. But then I went into the gym, feeling great, lay flat on a bench on my back and raised two dumbbells straight up toward the ceiling. It was as if someone had tipped the bench over and thrown me on the floor. I got the weights down before I got slammed off the bench, and I mean it was as if someone had thrown me onto the floor. I have a skinned knee, I hit the floor so hard. As soon as I landed face down, stretched out, “it” went away. I stood up and was fine, walked out and drove on about my business. I had a couple of minor spells as I was cleaning house and decided to try it again. I lay down on the couch…. fine. I raised my arms up as before and POW! , the same thing. As long as I don’t raise my hands it’s not bad, but if I get up quickly or some such, I get dizzy. If I get held up, I’ll get shot b/c I won’t be able to raise my hands.
My wife thought it was an inner ear problem. I googled it and found what I had was vertigo and inner ear was the most likely culprit. BTW, I took my b/p all the time and it’s fine, no variation from before these episodes. The doctor’s office triage nurse called me today and agreed with that diagnosis. I function fine and the stress of lifting the weight (40#) doesn’t seem to be a factor. Google talked about bppv and that hit the nail on the head. Nothing fatal, so I just have to see what can be done.
BTW, my wife noticed I favor my right leg, so I’m going in next week to see the therapist and find out what I can do. I have pull in my calf muscle on that leg when I sit on the stairs to put my shoes on. Hmmmm.

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