Good Use for Grammar

I recently got two e-mails, one from Amazon and one from Walgreens, both of which I have recently dealt with. Both were headed, “Your order has been arrived.” Obviously not English and therefore a scam. Delete.
However, we have too many supposedly knowledgeable teachers who believe that such a sentence might be generated by an uneducated native English speaker. No, it wouldn’t. So if the teacher does not understand that the non-standard English-speaking student simply uses a different system, he is unable to guide the student to standard English, believing the student merely utters babble.
The opponents of guiding students, those who think that non-standard usage betokens lack of intelligence or unredeemable backwardness, scoff at terms like “a different system”, rejecting the very idea of such a student using a system. This is pure social class prejudice, unfortunately very common.

And “your account will be Lock Out”. I don’t think so. It’d be nice if you could click on the link but instead of you being infected, an e-mail stink bomb would go back to the sender and cover him with poo.

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