Storms: real and metaphorical

“The billionaire founder of the Virgin Group rode out the storm in a fortified wine cellar” Now there’s a man who knows how to weather a storm.
As Hurricane Irma heads for Florida, no doubt major metaphors will rear their heads and I will take shameless advantage. Right now is the time for conservatives to declare their freedom of the tyrannical federal gummint, like disaster relief, FEMA, etc. That’s the only way to avoid the FEMA death camps we’ll be forced into under the guise of saving us from this so-called hurricane generated by Obama.

OK. I was being funny. But then I switched to the WaPo and found this:

On Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh claimed the media is manufacturing unwarranted panic about Hurricane Irma as part of a plot to hype climate change, boost ratings and increase advertising revenue. Then on Friday, Limbaugh indicated he himself was evacuating. (The Post’s Callum Borchers)

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