A follow-up to a thread on flteach

The issue of the preterit/imperfect aspectual split cropped up again of flteach, a major listserv for fl teachers. I delved into the intricacies of aspect to show how complex it is and therefore difficult for teachers to understand and impossible for fifteen year olds to understand. I don’t think I succeeded. It is my surmise that what people took away from the thread was not my message but that what I presented was way too complicated (true) and it is best just to say the preterit is for an action completed in the past and the imperfect for everything else. It’s a head-in-the-sand approach b/c their students will be puzzled all year long with those simplistic explanations that do not fit for most cases. Counter-examples are dismissed.
My message was: stop trying to teach simplistic or complex grammar rules and speak the language with your students. I am sure that within a short time we’ll see posts appearing on the listserv complaining of students just not getting it. What is truly disappointing is the number of teachers, even some native speakers, defending usage that doesn’t fly. Oh well. Maybe some brave soul will venture onto my blog.

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