An end to testing?

In March I got a bilateral total knee replacement with recovery rated as phenomenal. Then I got vertigo and realized my go-to physician, a cardiologist (I got to him by accident), did not serve that problem nor my other problem: ear wax. So I signed on with my wife’s GP. Great doctor but she found I had not had a so-called Wellness Check required by Medicare. So off I went to several hundred – it seemed – medical appointments.

Bear in mind, none of this had to do with my surgery. However, at this same time, my cardiologist decided we’d been pussy-footing around my high blood pressure and it was time to get serious. So he put me on a more powerful drug and it worked – too much, so I had to halve the dose. So I needed tests for that b/c the medicine deprives one of potassium. The GP wanted me to have my carotid artery scanned in relation to the vertigo and to have an audiology test (loss of high range sounds, correctable by very expensive hearing aids, so I’ll save my pennies and she’ll check me again in a year). Same with vision. He says my eyeball pressure is up a bit and cataracts are just beginning, but we’ll wait a year and recheck.

SO…. it looks like I will be free of these infernal doctors by next week. And I may even live a little longer.

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  1. Hmm, any correlation to the way students feel about tests in school?

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