Brief follow-up to Weiher’s notion that facts derive from world view

Michael Gerson wrote in the WaPo today, Oct. 24, 2017:
“But here is the cost. When there is no objective source of truth — no commonly agreed upon set of facts and rules of argument — political persuasion becomes impossible. There is no reasoned method to choose between one view and another. The only way to settle political disputes is power — determined by screaming mobs or because “I’m president and you’re not.” Politics becomes an endless battle of true believers, conditioned to distrust and dismiss every bit of evidence that does not confirm their preexisting views. The alternative to reasoned discourse is the will to power.”

And that is what I did not present in my Magnum Opus response to Weiher: the cost. Now we have it. I wonder what he thinks about facts now.

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