Why We Have to Fight

Today I was having a conversation with some very nice people I used to work with. One of them made a sidelong remark about what “we are going through now”, without mentioning any names, and another person remarked, “At least he isn’t killing babies.”
That is what we are dealing with. No compromise is possible. Another person in that same workplace, and I believe I’ve mentioned her before, is a total Liberal Democrat in every way except……….. you guessed it: abortion. For that reason she will never vote for a Democrat. In 2008 I remonstrated with her, pointing out that a reduction in abortions will not occur if draconian anti-abortion laws are passed; we’ll just have more dead pregnant women, pregnant poor women b/c the well-off will go overseas for safe abortions while their husbands run political campaigns promising to put a stop to these sluts having sex with everyone and aborting the result.
To reduce abortions, I pointed out, we must vote for those policies which will get people jobs and/or income support, increase the level of education, including sex education, make preventive medicine and health care universal, etc. But no, the GOP wants to save the babies and the Democrats want to kill them.
When two very decent people are so totally unreachable and will fight to reverse Roe v Wade, throwing the issue into the states, blue states will be swamped with desperate women from the red states, just as the blue states send billions to Washington and the red states take billions from Washington.

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