How much do you read in your language(s)

On a listserv for fl teachers I posted that I have 25 literary novels in Spanish. I got three inquiries. For some reason, all three missed that these were literary and not classroom material. All three turned me down.
Perhaps those who were not interested have fine libraries in Spanish and read routinely. My sense is that one or two of them may not have a selection of novels for their own reading and these were being offered gratis – I’d even pay for the mailing. So, what’s my point?
It is my concern that so many of our classroom teachers claim to have trouble advancing or even maintaining their proficiency level in their language. Reading is the best way to do that, barring in-country experiences or something similar at home. Behind my concern is the frequent evidence of less than proficient teachers who struggle with the demands of the profession and have few opportunities to take classes or travel. Reading is the next best way to maintain the language.

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