The New Year: preliminary reactions and predictions

Am I serious about predictions? Ludicrous. Mueller indicts Trump. Putin takes over the White House. Mickey Mouse becomes Senate leader. Republicans find morals and Democrats grow fangs.
Who would have guessed Trump would have lasted a year? Who could have guessed Trump would be elected? Who would have guessed Trump would have run? We will look back on the last three years in unrestrained amazement at how a once proud democracy could put the Sopranos in the White House. Stop and think: what country that put such a complete failure as a human being at the head of the whole shebang had had anything like the historical development of this country? Who started out with Declarations and Constitutions similar to ours? Oh, yeah, those third world countries, former colonies, that thought that the U.S. might support them. Not when oil and rubber and strategic alliances are in the mix.
But really, Germany, Russia, China, on and on, all had histories of autocracy and none of democracy when they fell to Hitler, Stalin, Mao……… and I’m leaving out Cambodia and many other places because I don’t know their histories well enough, but can anyone gainsay me?
Whatever the outcome, historians, philosophers, theologians, logicians, psychologists and all the pointy-headed intellectuals will struggle with this phenomenon in years, decades, yea even unto centuries ahead. What the hell happened?
So I am writing this two days before the end of the year. As those two days progress I will add to this as thoughts occur to me and will wrap it up on Monday, the First. Failing the Apocalypse or the Second Coming or Alien Invasion or just The Big One in California (our last hope for a sane place to live), the major news event will have to do with Trump. I hope so, because anything else will probably be really bad (major glacier headed toward San Francisco or New York) and anything to do with Trump will start with, “Indictments were handed down today….”

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