I always say I never get sick. Scratch that. Last week I woke up with a stiff neck. By Monday I could barely move so my wife took me to ER where they tested me, incl. my first spinal tap, and decided it was a viral infection. It was disabling b/c I couldn’t move my head without excruciating pain. I couldn’t sleep nor drive. Just a mess. A week later I still struggle to lift my head high enough to see what I am typing.
It interrupted what was a promising run at finishing off my exercise program. I’ll start up again when I’m able and see where things go. If I’ve weakened, I’ll just have to go back to lower weights and reps and sets and build back up.

Feb. 20 Update. My doctor wanted to see me as follow-up so I saw the physician’s ass’t. The first thing she asked me, which no one in ER had done, was what I’d been doing different just before the onset of this. Nothing, I started to answer, and then remembered the mulcher. This thing sucks up leaves and turns them to mulch, shooting the mulch into a big bag you wear around your…….. get ready for it…… neck. I had many piles of leaves to vacuum up and stayed with it. She even mentioned it takes the muscles a couple of days to swell up. It’s over a month later and my neck is still sore and it interrupted my exercise in a bad way. So today I’m starting back with that, easy. Actually I started earlier but did sit-ups incorrectly and strained my neck some more. I really can’t be left alone.

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