I’ve withdrawn from the listservs I’ve been on: flteach, moretprs, Latin-Bestpractices. I am getting off Facebook  which I joined recently just to get on CI Fight Club. I really hate leaving Eric Hermann’s tprs q&a but I just can’t deal with the, to me, confusing platforms. It used to be ‘sign on to a listserv and you get e-mails you can respond to.’ Now it’s facebook and blogs and a very splintered audience. I noted that moretprs has over 7000 members yet very few posts. flteach is down to a couple a day (today a really good one came in, increasing my regret). Latin-Bestpractices has a chart showing number of posts and the decline is even more dramatic. I think this is happening due to the massive load put on teachers to justify every move they make. What happens then is that you think before you make a move just how you’re going to justify it. I can’t think of a better recipe for stultification.

So I will put everything on this blog and hope a few people will see fit to join me. I note Eric’s site has some amazing stuff on it. There’s good stuff out there and maybe one day, when I and my wife are by ourselves again, I’ll have time to dive back into the fray.

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