I got Trump in so my vote DID count….

Can anyone really say his vote doesn’t count? How many votes in 3 states put Trump over? Can anyone really say now that both parties are the same? When’s the last time you heard Democrats urging the trashing of our Constitution. Reactionaries were constantly complaining that Obama was acting unconstitutionally; what can they say now?
Your vote counts. The parties are distinguishable from each other. We do have a democracy and should want to keep despite the old saw that it’s the worst form of government except for all the others.
At this point, there seems to be little reason to suggest a third party. The two we have reflect our personality as a nation pretty well, what people call national character. Unhappy with constraints, ready to fight, innovative to the point of disrespect, unceremonious to the point of disrespect. It’s as if all Americans have a bit of Appalachia in them. We loved the patrician, stuffed-shirt FDR but we’re like Andy Jackson…. including the racism.
It is entirely possible we may survive Trump, but we need to vote.

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