Computer up-date

I got the new computer back from the shop today. Nothing seriously wrong. The tech guy got rid of the offending site, a recipe, and said the problem was hi-jacking, exactly what my son had said.
Tomorrow I get the other computer back. Hopefully, same thing there.
One good thing the tech did for me was solve 2 problems: getting rid of Windows Live Mail as my e-mail provider (it’s completely unsupported) and getting it directly from my service provider, Cox, plus getting my e-mail going to both computers.
Now that I’ve disengaged from the listservs and several other services, I get little worthwhile e-mail. Now I need to start hitting the unsubscribe button on most of them.

Next day: tech said the hard drive in the old computer is about to go. No way to do anything with the computer unless HD is replaced. I can either have HD transferred to new computer without losing data – cheaper – or put a new HD in which will make the old computer better, faster than the new but will be more expensive. We’ll probably go with the latter since we’ve grown used to having 2 computers.

Feb. 17 update: got the old one back with new, solid-state HD. So I guess I’m back in operation.

Feb. 22 update: the e-mail from Cox is now coming into both computers so I have a complete view of what I’m getting, upstairs or downstairs.

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