Wrapping up medical stuff

Last week I went to 3 appointments, the first for my skin and the doctor gave me a clean bill of health; the second for an MRI for my fatty liver, which I got through just fine; and the third my year check-up on my knees. The doctor recorded 135 degrees bend in both knees, so I guess that’s good. He said the stiff knee is the normal one, typical of post-surgery results.
I see my GP the 20th for results of tests, incl. blood work this week, and the 29th I see a doctor for pulmonary hypertension. I looked it up and it indicates a relationship between hypertension, the lungs, and the heart. I don’t have any of the symptoms so I’ll see what he says.

April 1 (no joke): I saw the pulmonary guy last Thursday and he went to great lengths to display for his my lungs and heart on the computer screen, the read-outs of testing they did, and a quick sketch he did on the back of my paperwork, all to show there is absolutely nothing wrong with my heart or lungs.

On to my fatty liver and supposedly high cholesterol.

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