To post in every courthouse and school room in the country

From Steve Schmidt, the McCain-Palin campaign chairman, on what it means to be a fidelitist (new word for me). [on the MSNBC show The Eleventh Hour, April 9, 2018]
“We are light years from normal. We are outside the galaxy from normal. This is unprecedented.
What we saw today was an American president say essentially, ‘I am the state; I am the country.’ That is simply not the case in the United States of America. I think that if you listen closely tonight you can hear the faint applause from heaven of this country’s Founding Fathers who bequeathed to us a nation where the rule of law is supreme We are a nation of laws. we are not a banana republic.
This was a legally executed search warrant on the president’s private attorney, and what that means is that the institutions in this country, despite the constancy of attacks on them by this president, remain strong and that we have men and woman who are under siege and under attack, but they remain fidelitist to the oath of office . They remain faithful to the aoth they took to the Constitution of the United States.
It is extraordinary that the President of the United States is so completely detached from the foundations, the structures, and the institutions that preserve American liberty and we saw that on full display today.”

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