The numbers behind the blue wave

Steve Karnacki on Chris Hayes’ All In gives the following stats in points over one party or the other:
Race –
W 51     B 8     H 28  pts for GOP                 W 39     B 84      H 63 pts for Dems

Gender Men 48 Women 37 for GOP             Men 44 Women 56 for Dems

Education              1995 college ed GOP+15              2018 Dems +15 (complete switch)

Age by generation groups:
Silent 70s/80s +9
Boomers 1946-64 +2
Gen X +5
Millennials +27 (the only group where
Whites support Dems more than the GOP)

Millennial men +8
Millennial women +47

So for example, millennial women give Dems a 47 pt. lead over the GOP.

The boomers give Dems a 2 pt lead and Blacks give Dems an 84 pt lead.

I have no idea why I can’t type little tables like this but I hope it comes out OK.

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