What do balls refer to?

When Trump supporters declare, “Finally, someone with balls!” what do they mean?
This is closely tied to the Right’s notion of political correctness. They mean that politicians will not come out and say that White Americans are taxed higher than the citizens of any other countries and that that tax money is going to lazy Blacks in the form of welfare as well as those lazy Mexicans who are taking our jobs (???!!!) and we pay out billions in the form of foreign aid to the very countries that hate us and our way of life and are trying to destroy us.
These poor people believe this b/c Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Fox News, Breitbart, Alex Jones and their grandfather’s Facebook page ae all telling them this and they do not possess the tools to examine such blather critically. They have no critical faculty. But they don’t hear it in the Beltway or by pundits out of the Right Wing loop and their particular denomination’s newsletter. So they think these pundits and politicians are part of the elite that wants to keep a veil over the truth and………..

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