Watching the mountain being born

Long time, no WOD. Here’s making up for it:

Everyone remembers the amazing growth of a mountain right out of the earth as we watched. Paracutin in Mexico and the many volcanos in Iceland are examples. Watching a word being born is even more exciting – at least for some of us. Neologisms can be found in books and magazines and Sunday supplements and esp on the internet. But here’s one you may not have ever seen……. oh, and don’t forget the funny coinages like “downpause” for that moment of driving in the rain with your windshield wipers going and the rain stops as you go under an underpass. I love that one, along with “pockalanche” for when you bend over and all the crap in your shirt pocket falls out.
Seen in the locker room of a physical therapy center: Don’t forget to turn out the lights and de-pen.
De-pen. Yes. Take the pens out of your pocket and off your shirts and blouses as you leave. Whoever wrote that is aware it is a neologism b/c they hyphenated the prefix and the root, the lexical root.
NOTE: note to be confused with Depends.

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