New workout

After a long break, eleven days, I went back to the old workout where I could not complete the final set of incline bench press and added a new one since I was doing fine with the companion workout to the first one. I call it body-weight but it does use resistance other than the body.
The body-weight ones are dips alternating with push-ups, prone cobra, and obliques where the only weight is a ball held between the legs. The weighted ones are cable core press, leg press, alternating curls and french curls, and abs. I use machines for the leg press and abs. And then a braced squat holding a weight plate straight in front of me.
The first time a did one set each, and this time I did 2 sets each. I think I’ll go to 3 sets and then start adding either reps or weight (obviously reps on the body-weight ones and time on the prone cobra, a kind of hold).
I am still prone to light-headedness, although getting off the statins brought my energy roaring back. I’m drinking more water. My therapist said light-headedness and dizziness are very common and may be due to the lower blood pressure on my meds, although I’ve been on them for a year and this just started. Things like that bother me. I want them to line up.

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