If you think people are sane…………..

Go to on-line newspaper columns, YouTube sites, and other public places for comments and read the comments. The majority are sane but there are some doozies that make you wonder what’s out there.

If more than 3 people read my blog, someone would be sure to fire off a comment to this entry telling me I am not so sane myself. They could make a case for that, I guess, but they won’t; they’ll simply make an attack. No evidence, no thought, no basis, zero, just blab. Irrational, tin-hat blabbing.

Oh, well, they could be armed. Oh, that’s right, they are. Shit.

That was from May 28. Now it’s June 24 and it is the Trump administration that’s talking like a pack of deranged trolls responding to a Thomas Friedman column. The Homeland Security secretary, Kristjen Nielsen, claims the policy they are enforcing diligently out of their respect for the law does not exist. We have Sessions claiming the El Paso/Juarez metropolitan area is ground zero for border violence and the people who live there on both sides of the border wonder if there is another El Paso/Juarez b/c where they cross the border daily to and from work and school and shopping sees no violence; and the people saying these things are both Hispanic and non-Hispanic, citizens of both countries (some literally), Democrats and Republicans, and so forth. The chief of sector of the Border Patrol says they caught 80 MS 13 members crossing out of a total of 187,000 and stated it with a straight face. Congressman say all the people have to do is apply for asylum at an entry point and ignore you when you explain that thousands have done just that and been turned away and some arrested and their children taken from them; Nielsen herself said if the lines were so long they were turned away, they must not have been real asylum cases. A former campaign manager for Trump voices his opinion that complaints of a Downs Syndrome ten year old being taken from her mother is just a matter of snowflake tears. So the crazy trolls are in charge. Think about that.

Two ranchers 20 miles apart on the border and one says a wall would help and the other says it would not. What the journalist missed was that the rancher wanting the wall said it would help “here”, meaning his property, a crossing point for border violators, would be avoided as the crossers went elsewhere. That is the mentality of a Trump supporter. Take care of me and screw the rest and you’ll get my vote.

July 4 (Happy Fourth) We got rid of cable but I went to the computer to pull up some programming and found those sites have comments, too. Some are reasonable but most are crazy. It scares me to think how many people like that there are in the country. I’d like to think they clump on the right but I doubt that’s the case.

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